Кафедра комп'ютерних систем та мереж


                                                             Historical Reference

                The first in aviation civil Department of Computer Science Faculty of Information Science in National Aviation University established in 1963 year by honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, academician of NAS of Ukraine, Professor of Pukhov Georgyi E., who has headed it.

                Academician Georgyi E. Pukhov contributed greatly to Applied and Computational Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Energy, theory, modeling, computer engineering and computer science. Georgy E. Pukhov - an outstanding organizer and gifted teacher, founder of the Institute of Modeling Problems in energetics in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which was led by him in 1988 year.  Among his students there are over 30 doctors and 150 candidates of sciences.

                In 1965 on the base of the Departments were created new Departments: electronic digital computers (EDC), Head of Department Honored Worker of Science and Technologyof Ukraine professor Nagornyi Leonid Y., and electronic simulation machines (ESM), Head  of the Department academician Georgyi E. Pukhov, and from 1979 - Associate Professor Pyatkin Gennady Sergiyovich that led Faculty of Automation and Computer Science (ACS) from 1968 to 1989 year. In June, 1969 was the first release of specialists of specialty 0608 "calculation-decisive devices and appliances" (4 teaching groups and 84 engineers).

                Department of EMM in 1982, were renamed on the Department of Computer Science fundamentals and on-board computing devices (CBO and BOP), head of the department from 1978 to 1984 and from 1989 to 2000 years was Associate Pyatkin Gennady Sergiyovich, in the period from 1984 to 1989 years was Associate Professor Kupryeyev Vladimir Ivanovich.

                By the initiative of Associate Professor Gennady Pyatkina Sergiyovich on faculty AOT was established specialty 0646 " Automated systems management " and was carried out preparation of specialists for specialization : automated operation of the aircraft movement control , operation simulator aviation , operation of automated systems for the processing of flight information. Under his leadership at the department and CBO bop was developed basic normative documents and Open air specialty 7.160102 "Protecting information with restricted access and Automation of processing” and 7.160105 "Protection of information in computer systems and networks."

                ETSOM department in 1991 was renamed the Department of computers, networks and  systems      (OMSM ) , Head of Department , Professor Leonid Yakovlevich Nagornyi  till June 2000. Professor Nogornyi Leonid Yakovlevich - organizer and head of the scientific school of modeling and automation of designing complex systems by computer and organization of parallel computing structures for solving problems of large dimension. He prepared 5 doctors and 17 candidates of sciences. In 1973, student research work "Development of algorithms and program analysis of linear circuits in radio electronic digital computer " under the scientific leadership of Professor Nagornyi L.Y. received the first Republican Prize the following year , and four students were winners of the prize name  Komsomol Ukraine .

                In April 2000, the Department of IWT and BOP was reorganized and reached name OT, it was headed by Professor Igor A. Zhukov, a graduate of the Department ETSOM 1972, which led AOT faculty from 1990 to 1999 and was vice-rector, first vice-rector of the University from the January 1999 till November 2000.

                The department worked as a member of the NAS of Ukraine professors Malinowski B.M., Vasilyev V.V., Evdokimov V.F., professors Berehovenko G.Y., Biletskyy V.N.,  Gulyaev V.A.,  Mohor V.V., Plush Y.U., Stasiuk A.I. and others.

                Preparation of highly qualified specialists in the department cost a lot of strength and energy of veteran teachers : Associate Professor Andreev  V.I., M. Babich, V.M. Yefymets, Shevtsov V.A., managers of Laboratory  Bogdanov A.T.,  Kudzinovska G., Troshchenko G.A.,  methodist Balashov M.O.