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Rules of admission

Required documents submitted for admission to 1st year

  1. Statement (form issued in the university );
  2. Original passport and application to the certificate or certified copy;
  3. Original Certificate (s) UCEQA , or a certified copy;
  4. Original medical certificate form 086-B or a certified copy ;
  5. 6 photos size 3x4 cm;
  6. Copy of the identification number ;
  7. Copy of passport : 1, 2 , 11 p. ;
  8. Copy of military card (certificate of origin to the recruiting station) for boys

To learn more about the process of joining the NAU, visit the Counseling Center Entrance Examination , where you can get detailed information on:

  • areas and disciplines , which are trained at the National Aviation University (NAU )
  • chosen profession and employment opportunities ;
  • Information about institutes and faculties NAU;
  • order of registration documents for admission ;
  • conditions , the timing and order of entrance examinations ;
  • everything about life and different areas of NAU students .

The main provisions of the rules of admission 2019