Кафедра комп'ютерних систем та мереж

Diploma planning

to implement theses (projects) graduates of educational - qualification
"Specialist" , "master"
direction 6.050102 "Computer Engineering" specialty
7/8.05010201 "Computer systems and networks"
(Thesis -? Дипломна робота?) (project) expert must be independent and logically complete theoretical and experimental studies related to the solution of certain scientific and practical tasks, or technical , economic and other projects devoted to the solution of Design or technological problem, according to this specialty ( specialization) . In this thesis , as opposed to the project, which has the character of development work should have a research focus and be associated with the solution of scientific and industrial tasks.
Full time specialist's thesis specialist  performed in 10 semester -based program for professional Bachelor specialist.
The recommended amount of thesis (project) :
  • Explanatory Note - 90 -100 pages of text , excluding annexes;
  • required illustrative material - slides in MS PowerPoint.
Examples of bibliographic description in the source list :